Vin, et Fini!

Well, we have come to the end of the bookshelf!  We aren’t done blogging or cooking, but we have completed our first journey through our cookbooks. We have found it to be an enjoyable experience, and hope you enjoyed sharing it with us. Isn’t it nice that the end of the bookshelf corresponded nicely to be one year from when we started!

This week’s recipe is from Guide to Wine by Fiona Sims, and it is not technically a recipe, and may even be cheating a little.  It goes something like this:

Open a bottle of wine; pour the contents into 2 glasses.  Enjoy with good company.

We celebrated our one year journey with a bottle of wine from one of our favorite North Carolina vineyards, Raylen Vineyards.  I also wanted to share the book.  I have enjoyed it, and it has served to give us ideas on wines, as well as educate us on new ones to try as we expand our horizons.  We are going to be taking a couple of weeks off cooking for the blog between now and the new year, but we will bringing some fun and (I hope) entertaining/educational posts.  Stay Tuned!

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1 Response to Vin, et Fini!

  1. hinsone says:

    YAY!!!! 🙂

    Love Raylen.. need to go back there before I move away. Great job guys, I’ve enjoyed it for sure.

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