Seafood Extravaganza, Part 1: Ben Sargent’s Lobster Rolls

So, we are having a hard time getting all of our recent cooking blogged about:  Don’t worry, we’ll get it done, but I wanted to get a jump on it and share what we have been working on!

Last Saturday we had some friends and family over for a seafood extravaganza, the menu included:

  • Lobster rolls
  • New England-Style Lobster Chowder
  • Low-Country Boil with Cocktail Sauce

We will be talking about each item and blogging about the new recipes that we tried (ether as extras or regular posts). The lobster rolls were based on the recipe from Ben Sargent (check out this video)

The Lobster rolls turned out great, and we both liked this method even better than some  we had in Maine last summer.

The lobster meat for the seafood extravaganza came from the leftovers from a fundraiser at the Garner Masonic Lodge.  We have a steak and lobster dinner each Valentine’s Day to support our Masonic Charities (the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and Whitestone).  These leftover lobster claws were headed for the trash, so we rescued them by double bagging and freezing them in the shell so they lasted for several months.  Then we shared them with our family and friends.  I think the lobster rolls and chowder would have been even better with freshly cooked lobster that included tail meat as well as claws, but they were still outstanding!

It was a lot of work for us to crack 5 pounds of lobster claws, but we got pretty good at it by the end.  The back of a large chef’s knife makes quick work of cracking this many claws, and a seafood pick helps to get all the meat out.  After all the effort, everyone had a good time, so it was worth it.

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