Our Favorite Recipes: 2012

This is the time of year when everyone reflects on the past and makes plans for the future. We are no exception as we bring you our  favorite recipes again this year! There are six recipes that both of us agree on as well as a runner up for both of us.

Katie’s Runner Up: Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream. Gray doesn’t agree with me, but this is one of my favorites! Since we couldn’t agree, it didn’t make it into our top six. But I wanted to mention it because I cannot forget how delicious it was!

Fried CatfishGray’s Runner Up: Justin Wilson’s Fried Catfish. While I thought this was a wonderful recipe, it did not beat out a few other recipes in my book so I couldn’t rate it in my favorite recipes. He wanted to mention it because it was one of his favorites!

6. Alton Brown’s Southern Biscuits. Wow, what great biscuits! Gray made them twice last year with different but great results. The second time he improvised. Go figure that they weren’t as good as Alton Brown’s!

5. White BBQ Sauce. What a weird recipe for me (Katie). I just could not imagine that this would be good. I couldn’t have been more wrong! This was delicious sauce on our chicken, which we used multiple times.

Orange Sherbet4. Orange Sherbet. This was our favorite dessert in 2012. Thank goodness I made too much base for the ice cream maker and we had to make it twice! It wasn’t very hard to make and the sherbet goodness couldn’t be topped by any other dessert!

3. Stuffed Potatoes with Ham, Thyme, and Gruyere. This recipe was super easy and we loved the flavors. I would never have thought to chop up ham to put in twice baked potatoes. This is why we make new things!

2. Stuffed Zucchini. Vegetables really don’t get any better than this. We made stuffed zucchini so many times when we had zucchini in our garden this summer. We really loved this recipe and can’t wait to make it again this year!

1. Lamb Shish Kabobs. What can we say – I’m sure you saw this coming from our raving on the original blog post about these shish kabobs! These kabobs were one of the best things either of us has ever made. They look elegant, aren’t hard to put together, and taste delicious! Gray swears that this is the best thing he has eaten.  Anywhere.  Ever.

Lamb KabobsWe have had a lot of fun with the blog, and it has been different than our first year.  We are more flexible with recipes, timing, and cookbook order.  The reason for this is because we have been making a greater effort to use the ingredients we already have on hand, whether is is something in the pantry, fridge, or freezer. Often we’ve ended up jumping ahead or back in our cookbook order, while still keeping to our goal of making a recipe from every cookbook.  Due partly to this change, we have not made it through all of them in one year. Some cookbooks have been culled, more than enough added to replace them, and we have elevated some to new prominence for regular use. We cook at home more often, which is a healthier way to eat, and we spend less money. Two great achievements! We are continuing on our cookbook journey and are looking forward to what 2013 has in store for us. We hope you join in the cooking!

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