Cookbooks: wrap-up

I wanted to wrap up our little series of posts on cookbooks by talking about what we are doing next.  This blog started out as a way to explore our collection of cookbooks.

When we began, we were eating out most of the time and eating very poorly.  Since we started this blog, we have lost a combined 100 pounds of weight.  We are eating at home much more often, and using fresher, healthier ingredients.  This blog has become an extension of who we are and the choices we have been making.


Also, when we first started, we tried to stick to going straight through our cookbooks in a very rigid order.  We have also restricted our blogging to recipes in the cookbooks that we own and are on our shelves, and have excluded online recipe sites and other blogs, except as “extras.”

As our blogging progressed we have tended to jump around more to match seasonal ingredients, leftovers, and ingredients on hand.  As we move forward we are going to be more inclusive in our choices and hopefully the items on the blog will reflect our changing tastes and behaviors more.

All of this is an effort to fully embrace the spirit of our original effort to discover what was in the cookbooks we had, to simplify our collection, and be able to find a recipe when we want it. I think that the changes will be more noticeable to us than to you, but we hope that you will continue this journey with us and allow us to excite and inspire you in your own hands-on culinary journey. Enjoy!

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