Carne ai Ferri – Italian Mixed Grill

Italian grilled lamb chops

This is not much of a recipe – but it fit the bill. The cookbook version was mostly a few paragraphs describing the process. I’ve shortened it up to just the important details.
Assorted meats: lamb, pork, and veal chops, veal escalopes, pieces of chicken, pork sausages, slices of bacon, and raw ham, lamb’s liver cut into slices, lamb’s kidneys split in half.

The meats are marinated in olive oil with pepper and herbs such as rosemary, sage, oregano, basil, and mint. Sometimes there is red or white wine, or a small amount of wine vinegar. Salt is sprinkled on before the meat is put on the fire, and a bunch of rosemary is used to brush more oil on as the meat cooks.

Mediterranean CookeryYield: however much you need…

From: Mediterranean Cookery

Gray:  We cooked some lamb chops with rosemary, sage, oregano, and basil along with olive oil, and red wine vinegar.  I marinated them about 8 hours and they were delicious.  They had a subtle herb flavor and were very tender and delicious. I had fresh rosemary, and the other herbs were dried, but I would use fresh if possible. I would definitely make this again, enjoy!

Katie: I’m always up to try lamb chops, and these were delicious. I was afraid the rosemary flavor would be too pronounced, because we have had some trouble with the amount of rosemary to put in recipes, but with this marinade it could have even had more. I thought the lamb chops were nice and tender. We had a friend over, and he agreed that they were quite good! We have had a good time experimenting with lamb, as the first time we tried it we weren’t impressed. We have decided that it was the recipe we didn’t like, not the lamb itself! We hope you give this one a try, even if it wasn’t a specific recipe.

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