Our collection of cookbooks

We are Gray and Katie and we have an assortment of cookbooks that for the most part go unused. We usually think of something we want to make and then look up a recipe on the internet. We decided that we would go through the cookbooks and pick one new recipe from each book once a week. When we get through the cookbooks, we’ll start over and pick a different recipe. This way we get to see which cookbooks we like and which cookbooks we don’t like. We will end up with a superior cookbook collection and hopefully we will know where to look for a recipe that we want to make.

We know that to some people this will not look like a lot of cookbooks, but to us they represent an unknown quantity that just are taking up space. We like to keep limits on most things which allows us to not be burdened by unnecessary “stuff.” It gives us a sense of freedom and satisfaction.

We invite you to share our journey and explore new recipes (or other things) in your life!

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